Influencer Marketing.

We like to do things a little differently here at Clarion.
Leading with inventive creative and working on strong relationships, we identify and manage digital influencers in our own way, to make a real impact. Combining our expert insights and clever storytelling, we ensure that influencer output is engaging and authentic – and most importantly right for the brand.



Using our proven tracking methodology, we’re able to capture the relevant, actionable and informed insight from different channels, that demonstrates true business value.


Building upon the needs and expectation of the brand and influencers’ audiences, we use expert insights to deliver an agile strategy, ensuring that the right content reaches the right people in the cleverest and most meaningful way possible.


We establish creative brand ideas before approaching influencers to ensure a consistent on-brand creative, told in the individual style of influencers – that’s clever storytelling.


Working in tandem with our clients, we utilise our repository of established connections, as well as engaging smart digital technology to research, review and recruit experienced content creators who are strategically aligned and relevant to a client’s conversation.

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