"Growing the Hill’s fan base through a love of kittens!"


We created Kitten of the Year to provide a reason for our pet parent community to share adorable photos of the new additions to their families – cute kittens, while providing Hill’s with a dedicated group of new fans for life.

Having created Kitten of the Year in 2017, we have grown the proposition year-on-year and wanted 2020 to be our biggest yet – to involve more of our community and draw in new fans to our page, as they start their journey as pet parents.
An incredibly effective, revamped ad strategy generated a 180% increase in visits through to the competition. This, combined with clever placements in key pet titles and populating Hill’s organic content with extremely engaging UGC, encouraged our fans to spread the word. As a result, we smashed through the 500-entry mark of the previous year, to attract more than 1,000 cat-loving entrants from across the UK and Ireland in just under a month. This also helped grow Hill’s large, highly engaged fan base, which increased by some 5% over the course of the competition.


Introducing…. The Aldiploma