Making EARNED BBC Radio 1 waves with Aldi’s Cuthbert and Greg James’ Summer Breakout challenge

Another great example of the team at Clarion securing phenomenal earned media results – this time, prime-time BBC Radio 1 coverage!

Cuthbert’s out the bag and Greg is out of the campervan! BBC Radio 1 listeners spent last week trying to crack the code to free Greg James from the #R1SummerBreakout! Unbeknownst to Greg, hiding in Aldi stores up and down the country was the caterpillar clue needed to free him all along – the national treasure that is Aldi’s very own Cuthbert #FreeCuthbert (here he is hiding in store!)

The activity saw Clarion conjure up a plan with the BBC Radio 1 planning team weeks prior, as well as manage the operations teams at Aldi.

The result: Aldi and Cuthbert were mentioned 40 times live on air across three shows with Radio 1’s 5.13million listeners tuned in. In addition, Aldi featured in five BBCR1 Instagram stories (with 1.4 million followers) and 6 tweets amongst 3 million Twitter followers who were keenly watching the saga unfold.

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