"In two years, we’ve firmly established Genius as the go-to gluten-free lifestyle brand"

Demonstrating Gluten-Free Expertise with Genius

Clarion’s strategy puts Genius' gluten-free cooking expertise and commitment to taste and quality at the heart of all brand activity.

Genius Gluten Free revolutionised ‘free from’ with the first ever freshly baked, tasty loaf of gluten-free bread, created by founder Lucinda Bruce-Gardyne for her gluten-intolerant son.

Our task is to ensure Genius remains the leading champion of great tasting gluten-free bread, in a rapidly growing category.

Through cooking demonstrations and workshops, media events, face-to-face briefings, tastings, sampling tours, product drops, media & blogger engagement (circa 150 calls per month), trade communications and creative news generation, we’ve launched over 20 new products for Genius in two years whilst successfully creating an army of highly influential gluten-free fans and Genius brand ambassadors.

We recently launched the Genius Gluten-Free Cookbook, written by Lucinda, which has sold over 3,000 copies within the first few months of launch, ranking as one of the best-selling cookery books on Amazon and firmly establishing Genius as the go-to brand for a gluten-free lifestyle.


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