"57% of visitors to the Dungeon cited the Braveheart show as their reason for visiting"

Rousing Scots to Support Wallace Day

Challenged to drive awareness of the Edinburgh Dungeon's summer show, Braveheart's Revenge, we tapped into the ongoing debate about who is the greatest ever Scot - and created a public facing campaign to lobby for a William Wallace national day

Our research showed that many Scots did not fully embrace St. Andrew as their patron saint, and with the Dungeon show dedicated to a man who many felt more worthy as their national hero, we wanted to tap into this natural debate and stir up talk-ability around Scotland’s very own Braveheart. We campaigned for a William Wallace day via a series of fun and disruptive stunts, including Braveheart himself riding a horse through Glasgow city centre and a demonstration march up the Royal Mile.
Over 70 pieces of coverage generated as well as debating the matter on STV and Scotsman social channels generating over 1k likes, 280 comments and 450 shares. Even the MSP for Elderslie (Wallace’s place of birth) took the debate to the Cabinet Secretary for Scotland.
Visits to the Dungeon website were up overall by 12.31% and up by 15.27% for new visits.


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