"Millennials Rewrite Bingo-lingo for Foxy Bingo"

Six that‘s Lit!

Sadly some people still think bingo is for biddies – but Foxy Bingo knows better. Inspired by online bingo chatroom conversation between its younger bingo playing audience, we created millennial bingo calls…and quite some media debate!

The Foxy customer is younger than the industry average, 25-35 years old and analysis of the Foxy online chatrooms showed players using pop culture references and taking inspiration from their lives to update calls; ‘68, late for my Tinder date’ and ‘38, avocado on a plate’.
In response we created the official, updated ‘bingo lingo’, asking the Foxy players to vote for their top new calls and bringing the modern-day calls to life with a media worthy infographic.
The media response was nothing less than phenomenal with blanket coverage across nationals, and great broadcast pick up, including ITV (ROI 76:1)


#RethinkPink for Valspar paint