Aldi Says Lulla-bye-bye to Sleepless Nights with New Mamia Campaign

Clarion worked with a top music producer and sound scientist to create the perfect lullaby for Aldi’s baby and toddler brand, Mamia.

Tasked with developing and executing a campaign that garnered attention for Aldi’s award-winning baby and toddler brand, Mamia, by uniting parents in one shared insight, Clarion set out to offer parents a solution when it comes to bedtime – the sleepiest, fail-proof lullaby to get little ones sleeping soundly.

Based on research commissioned by The British Academy of Sound Therapy (BAST) and recruiting the musical assistance of top music producer, Sillkey, an ambient, ethereal soundscape called ‘Drift’ was created.

The research found that the track should be an instrumental piece at least five minutes long at around 50 beats per minute. It should also be composed of white noise and womb-like sounds, be in a low frequency and include drifting chords that repeat. 

The final lullaby, inspired by Pink Floyd’s The Dark Side of the Moon, is available on all major streaming platforms including Spotify and Apple Music

We worked with Sillkey, as well as founder of The British Sound Academy, Lyz Cooper, to capture assets for the campaign as well as enlisting the help of three parenting influencers to trial the lullaby on their own children – with 100% success.

Coverage of the campaign has begun to appear, to bring attention to this revolutionary new track including a raft of broadcast interviews – watch this space for more pieces to come.

Drift is available to stream here