Clarion launches Lactalis Professional’s publication - Seasons, Seasonally British Menus by Cricket St Thomas

Now available for download, the spring/summer edition of Seasons, Seasonally British Menus by Cricket St Thomas. This brand-new publication created by Clarion Design Studio highlights the Cricket St Thomas range of cheeses, paying homage to the brand’s British provenance in recipes that feature local produce for a truly seasonal dish.

Alongside Lactalis Professional’s development chef Rory Larkin, Clarion enlisted the expertise of three award-winning UK chefs - Sam Lomas, Lewis Brown, and Michelle Trusselle, to contribute recipes that showcase the brand’s versatility.

What’s more, the publication will be promoted via Clarion’s specialist foodservice communications team via a dedicated campaign to reach and inspire chefs and key decision makers within the sector. This will include LinkedIn activity and partnerships with The Craft Guild of Chefs and Staff Canteen.

Check out Seasons here.