A Flippin’ Great Pancake Campaign with Lyle’s Golden Syrup

Tasked with highlighting the unique and distinctive taste of Lyle’s Golden Syrup in the lead up to Pancake Day, we created a 10-influencer strong campaign with a fun (and tasty) challenge!

Your First Taste of Lyle's is...Indescribable!

We tasked influencers to a taste test to do exactly that. Using a blindfold, they were spoon-fed different pancake toppings and told by their assistant 'forbidden words' they weren’t allowed to use. They were then challenged to come up with the most expressive words that came to mind.

We then created a compilation video of all the wacky and wonderful words to produce TikTok Ad creative that stopped thumbs from scrolling and drove mass awareness in the lead up to this key period.