Clarion Captured Behind The Scenes for C4 Show ‘Aldi’s Christmas Secrets’

On Monday night (9pm on 18th December) Clarion featured as part of brand-new Channel 4 show, Aldi’s Christmas Secrets. 

The communications agency was captured behind the scenes brainstorming, planning and executing the nation’s first ever bottomless Pigs in Blankets Restaurant, after being briefed by Aldi to create brand love in the run up to Christmas. 

The one-off festive pop up, which launched in Islington at the end of November, generated over 550 pieces of coverage and a reach of 134 million.

Offering a six-course menu of Aldi’s biggest pigs in blankets range to date, the exclusive restaurant also featured a ‘Press for PIBs’ button so guests could request an unlimited number of Pigs in Blankets to their table. 

To leverage the story further, the team created the World’s Longest Pig in Blanket, measuring in at a whopping six metres. Made using 150 rashers of bacon, the giant blanketed sausage weighed an impressive 3.2kg with a circumference of 42cm when coiled.

Clare Sutton, Managing Partner at Clarion, says; “It was fun to step out from behind the camera for a change and to have a snapshot of everything from the initial brainstorm to execution captured on screen.

“Competition is always fiercest at Christmas, so it’s more important than ever to think outside the box. It’s also an opportunity to create some really fun campaigns that get people talking. Pigs in Blankets are synonymous with Christmas – and Aldi has its biggest ever range this year – so it made sense to bring one of the nation’s favourite sides to the fore. 

“Getting people to better understand what PR involves and why it’s important to a business will hopefully help to attract new top talent to the industry – and as one of our most successful campaigns to date, it was an ideal one to feature. The team worked tirelessly to deliver it and we’re incredibly proud of the results.”

Viewers also saw British suppliers put festive food creations to Managing Director of Buying at Aldi UK, Julie Ashfield, and Communications Director at Aldi UK, Richard Thornton, for the chance to land a life changing contract for the festive season. The successful product – a Pigs in Blanket ice cream - then landed in stores on 19th December, the day after the show aired. 

You can watch the show on 4OD here:

Clarion has held Aldi’s BWS account since 2012 and wider consumer account since 2020. In that time Clarion has positioned Aldi as a credible destination by driving the quality and value messaging of its products.