It’s Rose Degrees!

To help attract attention for Aldi’s rosé wine sales ahead of National Rosé Day (this Saturday - 10th June), Clarion has today launched the world’s first billboard which dispenses the nation’s favourite summer tipple when the weather hits the perfect temperature – 19.2 degrees.

With the North West identified by Aldi sales data as the UK’s biggest rosé-loving region, the billboard, which will dispense free glasses of rosé as temperatures hit the ideal 19.2C at around 1pm today, has been set up in the centre of Manchester, which ironically is known for its rain.

‘Rosé degrees’ was established thanks to research of 1,000 rosé drinkers.

The same research dived into rosé drinking habits, finding quite a few eccentricities, including crisps are the favourite food pairing, and the nation is split over whether it’s acceptable to put ice cubes in the tipple, with 45% claiming they would ‘never’ dilute their drink.

While one in three claim to have tried the ‘spicy rosé’ TikTok trend in which sliced jalapeños are added to a glass of pink - rising to over half of millennials (56%).

Media and social coverage of the campaign has already begun to appear, with lots more to come.

If you’re in the Manchester area head down to see it for yourself. Aldi’s Rosé Billboard will dispense free rosé when the weather hits 19.2C (approx. 1pm) until 7pm in St Ann’s Square, Manchester on Thursday 8th and Friday 9th June.