Clarion Launches New Wickes Paint Partnership With Kimberley Walsh

Clarion is excited to launch Blue Haze, an exclusive paint in partnership with Wickes ambassador Kimberley Walsh.

To maximise coverage opportunities, the team focused on the calming nature of the colour blue and conducted research to find the most stressful room of the house (the Kitchen!), with Blue Haze positioned as the perfect solution to bring tranquillity and calm.

The team has secured over 40 pieces of coverage with a reach of over 6 million to date, including interviews with Kimberley across national and interiors media including the i, The Sun, The Metro, Fabulous and Ideal Home.

Alongside the news and product outreach, the Clarion team organised creative product drops for selected influencers who have been tasked to transform rooms in their own home this week.  It was only right that Kimberley Walsh received one too, resulting in her taking to her social channels to unveil her partnership amongst her 774,000 followers. Watch. This. Space. for the full campaign wrap up.