Clarion Unveils Top Trends That Are Shaping The World Of Convenience To Help Brands Make An Impact In 2024

Today, Clarion Communications unveils findings from its latest convenience retailer report to offer brands top tips on how they can capitalise on the growing opportunity the channel presents as well as advice on how they can support retailers themselves.     

Shoppers that continue to visit convenience stores are doing so more often and their basket size and spend per trip is on the up1. Clarion unveils five ways suppliers can collaborate with retailers to maximise sales, whilst helping them retain loyal shoppers and entice new customers.  

5 key trends in convenience

Supercharge food-to-go.  

Food-to-go has long been an important driver of growth in convenience, accounting for 15.6% of the channel’s mission2. Retailers are looking to take this to the next level and want a supplier who can help them.  

Make shoppers and retailers feel valued. 

Retailers are looking for partners who can help them give back to their customers, giving them a reason to return. The most successful suppliers do not just give away free stock, prizes, and tickets; whilst this of course does help, the ones who stand out are those who create promotions that place the retailer front and centre.  

Given the challenges retailers are facing daily, suppliers must consider how they can also support retailers themselves, such as their wellbeing and mental health, helping them achieve a better work/life balance. 

Put local communities first.  

Convenience retailers are the heartbeat of their local community with most providing vital support and services to local people and fundraising for worthy causes. From fun days to sporting events and educational cookery classes, retailers are already active in this space, so suppliers should think about how they can add value and help retailers pay it forward.  

Double down on delivery.  

Retailers are looking at how they can diversify their business, moving beyond bricks and mortar and many see delivery as an important opportunity. Whilst in store promotion is important, suppliers should consider how they can add value to a retailer’s online delivery business.  

Put a c-store spin on social media.  

Convenience retailers are becoming increasingly savvy about social media, using it to drive footfall, connect with younger shoppers and shout about exciting things they have on offer. Suppliers should therefore consider providing social media ready assets and tools that retailers can use.  

Clarion’s Managing Partner and B2B lead, Rebecca Wainwright comments: “Our team regularly attend retailer and trade media events to ensure we continually have our fingers on the pulse when it comes to the retail and convenience sector. We also have our own retailer panel that we tap into, giving us that deeper level of understanding we need to be able to spark new ideas and inspiration for our clients. As we look forward to 2024, we have identified five simple, but impactful ways suppliers can boost what they are doing within the sector and support all the incredibly hard working and inspiring retailers across the nation – from making the most of food-to-go to providing retailers with community engagement opportunities.”  

This is the second instalment of the consumer, trade and digital PR agency’s Trade Matters series which explores trends across the FMCG sector. For more information, or to hear about how we might be able to help elevate your brand amongst the trade, contact [email protected]